Total Exchange - A pioneer in the field of online retail based on cryptocurrency

Businesses and organizations worldwide lose over 1.2 trillion dollars annually due to fraudulent transactions. Only fraudulent insurance claims for goods amount to $ 58 billion, and this is just one aspect of the feeling of distrust spread by currency transactions. It only costs money: brands are destroyed, businesses are built with sweat and blood, wrecked.

While digital retail and e-commerce are booming, compared to the potential they have, widespread distrust takes their growth away.

Ordinary currencies, with all checks and balances, to some extent, were able to facilitate online transactions, but were easily exploited, as demonstrated by the amount of time spent. Cheats are done every day.
Therefore, no matter how big an e-commerce grows, unless the underlying security issues are solved, it will not be possible to break the glass ceiling. How can this glass ceiling be broken?

Cryptocurrency is the answer.

Buying your favorite luxury goods with cryptocurrency is now easier

Online retail stores and e-commerce websites allow people to buy and sell using cryptocurrencies eliminating near-zero opportunities for fraud and financial misconduct. This is because e-commerce solutions facilitate cryptocurrency transactions powered by Blockchain technology, which is an open source distributed database using modern cryptography, depending on the goods. Nott blocks cannot be changed unless all possible blocks on the string (connected computers) are changed. Therefore, give it immutable security.

One such pioneer retailer is Total Exchange. According to the official announcement of the developers and promoters, Exchange Total Exchange is a global, borderless, online marketplace that prides itself on financial inclusion, security and trust.

Total Exchange is a combination of market and cryptocurrency exchange platform. Market comes with a difference.

An ecommerce site that competes with cryptocurrency-based online shopping

It is one of the few online retail stores that sells daily as well as luxury goods through all mainstream cryptocurrencies. Therefore, if you have a cryptocurrency, for example, a collection of bitcoin, you can shop safely on the Total Exchange Marketplace.

Do you have cryptocurrency? In an effort to provide you with a complete cryptocurrency solution, there's no need to go anywhere else to get a cryptocurrency. This website also has Crypto Exchange, where you can buy all the mainstream cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many others.
So whether you want to buy cryptocurrencies for the purpose of trading them (like you do in the stock market) or for the purpose of buying goods (e.g. TV or music system) with the help of your favorite cryptocurrency, the Total Exchange cryptocurrency exchange addresses dual purposes.

Although, right now, if you have a quick look at Marketplace inventory, it's not like Amazon or Flipkart, there are many kinds of products like: Best Bestseller ,, Luxury Luxury & Exclusivity ,, Computers & Technology Technology, Fashion & Lifestyle, and some famous brands are listed in this category.

The dollar value of these items is listed and below the dollar value, you have the option of choosing your preferred cryptocurrency. If you are logged in as a Total Exchange user, the amount of cryptocurrencies (and its variants) that you hold will be immediately available to you and you will be able to shop on the site using how to use your cryptocurrency.

The interface is clean, though slightly grim, with black headers and footers and black buttons. The navigation is easy. You can quickly find the item you are looking for. There are different sections for customers and suppliers. The shopping cart interface includes a facility to instantly buy cryptocurrencies in case you don't have it or don't have enough cryptocurrency in your Total Exchange wallet yet.

Online shopping, as safe as it gets, is based on Blockchain

Total Exchange solves a fundamental problem that makes it difficult for almost every e-commerce platform and online retailer - there's no way to find out if you receive the products listed in the list. item or not. Online retail stores cannot verify each item individually, especially when there are hundreds of thousands of items (even millions in the case of Amazon). Cases of fraudulent lists can only be resolved when customer complaints are angry. The Total Exchange platform supported by Blockchain ensures that all products listed in the catalog are verified as traceable.

Since cryptocurrencies used to buy products are built on the Blockchain platform, even suppliers can be assured that their payments are processed immediately and they are not dependent on the exchange. exchange of regular payment gateway platform.

The founder and CEO of Total Exchange is Bobby Singh and the parent company is Luxury Ledger, the company is proud to be one of IBM's partners. It is also a winning startup of Google and TechStars. According to information on the website, Luxury Ledger provides Blockchain solutions that provide immutable transactional ecosystem to retailers, insurance companies, brands and consumers who want to provide anti-counterfeiting and chain solutions. supply to global retail and luxury industries.

Total Exchange is a pioneer in the online retail sector backed by cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrencies become the trend, there will be more subscribers, but until that happens, sites like Total Exchange will enjoy the advantage among customers who are looking for online retail stores. The route is supported electronically.