Remote working model promises boom

Even after Covid-19, a number of businesses were still working from afar, changing the way the organization was organized, according to a panelist at the seminar organized by Grab Ventures Ignite.

Numerous technology companies in the world have extended their working distance from afar, even planning to apply this mechanism permanently. In early May, Facebook announced it would allow at least half of its employees to work remotely, with the goal of becoming a pioneer in changing the way they work. It is expected that 50% of Facebook's people can work remotely in the next 5 to 10 years.

Google has a similar policy. This group requires employees to continue working remotely until the end of 2020. Previously, Twitter, Coinbase, Shopify ... also offer solutions for full-time remote employees.

In Vietnam, working from afar is undoubtedly a trend in the new normal state, according to Mr. Tran Thanh Tam - Director of Vietnam and Cambodia Market Division of KPMG Vietnam.

The teleworking model is said to be suitable for the "new normal" context of the economy.

New trends in Vietnam

In an online seminar organized by Grab Ventures Ignite, Mr. Tran Thanh Tam noted that since Covid-19 broke out, many businesses large and small were interested in managing employees working remotely. Organizing method works in line with the new trend. For example, at KMPG Vietnam, employees can work from home until the end of September.

Mr. Vu Tong - Director of Grab Vietnam Planning and Strategy also said that in the future, this "unicorn" can expand and flexibly apply a remote working mode. This is also a possible trend for technology companies, after working remotely for unexpected results in Covid-19.

"Working from afar does not affect the job because Grab's culture is built on the belief in the beginning and focused on the results of the work. As long as we agree on common goals and discuss carefully about each category. Everyone's job items, they can work anywhere, "he said.

Mr. Vu Tong - Director of Grab Vietnam Planning and Strategy.

Working remotely also helps employees save travel time and save working space. Three weeks of social gap is an opportunity for businesses to "test the fire" of a new model to prepare for a strong application in the future, according to Mr. Cuong Nguyen - Co-founder and Product Manager Amanotes.

Challenges in team management

However, the effectiveness of working from afar can only be achieved if overcoming the challenges that come from not being able to gather the same team as before. What support tools help employees stay productive when working from home? What is the process of communication and exchange? How to balance time between work and personal life? Are performance evaluation suites like KPI or OKR still "trendy" in the new normal era? Those are difficult problems businesses need to answer if calculating the plan to work remotely.

"If looking at remote work from the perspective of a mere working seat, it is not complete. It is necessary to consider the psychological factors, people, human resource system, policies and regimes for employees, including the administrative process ... to adapt to the new situation ", Mr. Tran Thanh Tam emphasized.

Grab Vietnam representative, Mr. Vu Tong affirmed, in team management, it is important to trust and empower employees. At Grab Vietnam, the team is always united on the common goals, goals of each group and then, defining the goals of each individual. The daily activities and work items are clearly informed of the objectives, results and deadline. After that, each individual will be empowered to take the initiative in promoting his / her own capacity, flexibly deploy in order to achieve the highest ultimate efficiency. Thanks to this way of management, Grab Vietnam team works unexpectedly effectively even during the social separation period.

Whether or not to work remotely, trust should still be built and become a platform for team management, according to Cuong Nguyen. Only when they have faith and are empowered can employees promote their strengths, abilities and boldly contribute to the organization.

Founder of music application ecosystem Amanotes said that enterprises need to build a culture of encouraging speech, exchange and cooperation. Need to develop effective communication and cooperation processes within each department and between divisions and ranks with each other. Especially when working from a distance, without direct communication, the role of the leader is very important to inspire, connect and orient the team.

Mr. Cuong Nguyen - Co-Founder and Product Manager of Amanotes.

In addition, companies need to be equipped with appropriate equipment and technology for effective online interaction. More importantly, it is important to prepare the focus for the job no matter where you work. The situation of working at home can make employees ambiguous between spending time with family and work and being psychological

On the other hand, businesses need to build a set of performance measurement tools to ensure the ultimate goal of performance. KPI, OKR or any set of indicators are just an important tool to create openness so that employees are proactive, flexible and highly effective. Particularly for startups in the early stages, it is not necessary to build a bulky set of indicators but need to orient, inspire employees to promote their capacity.

Mr. Cris D. Tran - Regional Director cum Managing Director of Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV), the coordinator of the seminar affirmed, as more and more businesses are pursuing the trend of working remotely, governance models. It will also change in the direction of openness and flexibility, no longer relying on rigid indicators but will appear many new criteria, based on inspiration, motivation, energy and goals of each business.