LIECHTENSTEIN CRYPTO exchange account - lcx ag launched first trade competition, 1 million lcx billed

The cryptocurrency exchange Liechtenstein, LCX, one of the Liechtenstein-based cryptocurrency investors launched the first trading contest that will be conducted in 7 days starting today on the LCX Terminal with a total of The prize is 1,000,000 LCX Tokens.

Participants will combine their skills together in the hunt for 1,000,000 LCX tokens in the prize pool. The trading contest will see participants show their ownership of the trade in an attempt to place between the top 100 traders based on two types, i.e. Transaction Quantity and Trading Volume. The top 3 winners in each category will receive 250,000; 100,000 and 50,000 LCX tokens, respectively, while the next top 100 participants will receive 1,000 LCX tokens each.

For those who qualify and become eligible for the prize pool, they are obligated to fulfill the minimum requirements for the contest in each category in which they are competing, which is

Minimum of 10 transactions for the number of transactions
Minimum trading volume 100 USD for Trading volume

The competition starts today at 3:00 pm CET and will end at the same time next week. During these 7 days, anyone can join the contest. Each participant can see his or her own rank in the rankings section of the LCX terminal. The results of this contest will be released on March 4, 2020.

Launching the LCX Terminal trading contest is a natural step for us as it fits the schedule of LCX to provide an advanced cryptocurrency trading desk for professional investors, Mr. Mont Mont Metzger, Founder & CEO, LCX

About LCX: LCX, the Liechtenstein Crypto Exchange, is empowering the Blockchain industry: The goal of LCX is to become one of the world's first licensed and supervised security token exchanges. as a regulated market for digital assets.

The original product was LCX Terminal, an advanced cryptocurrency trading desk for trading on all major cryptocurrency exchanges in a single interface. With LCX Assets and LCX Exchange, a rapidly growing tech startup, LCX is planning a compliant security token platform to issue, store and trade cryptocurrencies and securities. encrypted and digital assets - after obtaining necessary regulatory approval.